Meet Stl.Fusion: A Reimagined “Computed Observable” For Distributed Real-Time Apps

Alex Yakunin
2 min readJul 17, 2020

Time to announce an open-source project I worked on over the last few months:

Have you ever dreamed to have an abstraction that magically delivers every change made to you server-side data to every client that displays it? Or a caching API that automatically evicts a cached entry right at the moment it becomes inconsistent with the ground truth?

Stl.Fusion solves both these problems — moreover, it does this almost transparently for you, so most of your code won’t even change.

Fusion in action, syncing server-side state to 3 different clients (instances of the same Blazor app) running in their own browser tabs:

I’ll be writing more about Stl.Fusion over the next few weeks, but for now — just a few links:

I’ll be happy to hear any feedback — either here or on the Discord Server we setup for Fusion-related announcements and Q/A.