Hi, thanks for the feedback. First, responses to your questions:

> So it helps me get the code out the door faster?

Yes. Fusion helps to write less code and allows you to reason about the system in somewhat simpler way - once you get through the initial barrier of understanding how it works :)

It's the same as with any abstraction in math - once you learn it, reasoning about certain class of problems becomes much simpler.

> I see something with incremental builds in a paragraph down below, maybe it speeds up the compile process?

No, incremental builds is just a concept every developer knows. I use it to illustrate that most of the code we write actually works very differently:

- we write functions that take input and produce output - similarly to build sources and artifacts

- but contrary to incremental builds, our functions just repeat the same job again and again - instead of trying to reuse the artifacts that are known to stay the same because the sources are the same.

> So it makes the app run faster, not build faster?

Yes, it's totally not about builds, sorry. It's about making your app faster - and interestingly, about helping it to have real-time updates. These problems are connected - even the intuition tells you that to deliver the changes somewhere you first need to know they really happened. And the same is needed to know whether the output of some function has changed (to "rebuild" it).


Creator of https://github.com/servicetitan/Stl.Fusion , ex-CTO @ ServiceTitan.com

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