Astonishing Performance of .NET 5

I migrated Fusion to .NET 5 today — and honestly, I was absolutely astonished by the performance boost it brings:

The output is produced by Fusion’s “Caching” sample, which uses EF Core 5 and ASP.NET Core. The speed on tests producing 20M+ operations/s (#1, #3) is mainly constrained by Fusion’s logic and Castle.DynamicProxy. And tests producing around 100K operations/s are constrained by either EF & SQL Server (#2, #5) or ASP.NET Core (#4 — it’s ~ the same as #5, but relying on Fusion’s caching features). All of this means that:

  • You may expect +20% speed boost in “normal” apps

If you’d like to learn more about performance improvements in .NET 5, check out this post by Stephen Toub.

I plan to run a few more tests today and share more details —most likely, GCBurn (garbage collection & allocation performance test) and the code I used earlier to compare SIMD-accelerated logic on C# & C++. But it is clear even now that .NET team delivered more than I could expect — congrats and huge thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Update: Astonishing Performance of .NET 5: More Data



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